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Philmac's comprehensive choice of valves covers a wide range of industries:


The Philmac Stopcock valve offers solutions to water utilities, plumbing, agricultural and irrigation industries by providing an economic and reliable shutoff valve.

With its approval this valve is used extensively for drinking water systems, and with models for a number of different pipes sizes, it provides an extremely versatile valve.

The valve uses a proven design and with three turns from off to on provides good control and eliminates water hammer commonly experienced with fast acting on/off valves.

A simple and effective design, with longevity of service, Philmac’s stopcock valve is designed for harsh outdoor conditions.


The Philmac Blue Handled Ball Valve is an extremely versatile valve for rural, irrigation and plumbing water industries.

Their distinctive blue easy grip handle is recognised in the market as the industry standard providing users with the confirdence of a strong, reliable and robust product. They are quick and easy to install allowing the user full control of water distribution.


The Philmac Foot and Non-Return Valves are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure years of reliable service.

Based on the simple movement of a piston, both valves are designed to allow water to flow in one direction only to avoid loss of water, prevent backflow and ensure pipelines do not drain. The non-return valve is designed to keep pumps primed. The foot valve is designed with a filter to prevent debris into the pipeline and pump.

Backed by a full range of spare parts, Philmac’s commitment to customer service and over 20 years in the field this indestructible valve is one that you can rely on and trust.


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